The History of Consumer Culture at Temple

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Armed with (more) Abundance

Armed with (more) Abundance

Starbucks goes to the seas for American GIs.  How patriotic?  


Moreton and Wal-Mart

In her book, Moreton says “….for many in the nation’s old agricultural periphery, the gospel of free enterprise answered some of their most pressing needs. It compensated for the loss of the yeoman dream of self-sufficiency; it sanctified mass consumption; it raised degraded service labor to the status of a calling; it offered a new basis for family stability and masculine authority even as the logic of the market undermined both; for some whites it eased the dismantling of official white supremacy.” What do you think about that last bit?


Here’s the official Sam Walton mini-bio:

Hot New Honeymoons

Really that is the headline.  Check out this link.  You especially need to look at the pre-honeymoon vacation.  This is meant to help you get away from the stress of getting married.  How about a trip to Botswana.


Here is the link,

Power of White Wedding Dresses and Dream Wedding

In Japan, the issue of gay marriage is not really big compare to the United States.

However, the news of the lesbian couple who got married in Tokyo Disneyland was widely reported on March 2013.

According to the article, Disneyland requested her to wear tuxedo to make the wedding look like heterosexual one at first she asked them by phone.

However, after she put Disney’s answer on her bolg and it spread as a Disney’s discrimination against homosexuality on the web, they accepted to have a lesbian wedding with two brides who wear white wedding dresses.

Most of Japanese media treated the news as if it is a progress of gay rights and embrace of Disney’s decision.

However, I could not think this is a progress for gay marriage. Although they could have a wedding reception, they legally could not get marry in Japan.

Also the image of two beautiful lesbian couple having a wedding ceremony wearing white dresses in Disneyland must be a good commercial for Disney company.

This is not an acceptance of gay rights, but encouragement of selling the wedding fantasy.

Wedding fantasy attracted not only heterosexual couples but also homosexual couples.

Disney’s Wedding Strategy


Last Christmas, I was in New York city and stopped by Disney store at Times Square. (Pictures above)

When I got into the second floor of the store, I was amazed.

They divided the floor for boys and girls. Cars and Toy Story for boys, and Disney Princesses for girls.

Since boys’ toy section was about one third of the floor, more than half of  girls’ toy section attracted many kids with Disney princess characters.

They sell many kinds of dresses and accessaries for kids and displayed a beautiful castle and cradle, which remind us the Cinderella’s wedding.

I saw many girls hold their favorite princess dolls and chose same dresses and accessaries of their favorite princess.

Even though I those commodities were for kids, their sparkling and beautiful displays attracted me.

Disney’s market strategies have strong power and attract many girls to be a part of Disney fantasy.

As Mead mentioned in her book that many women dream to have Disney’s Fairy Tale Wedding, Disney attract them from their childhood.


South Park’s take on consumerism in the Vietnam War

“Oopsie-Daisy Homophobe”–song

Off topic, but since we briefly touched on this last week I wanted to add Colbert’s take on “Accidental Racist”